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About Us 

Bespoke Mental Health was established by leading mental health clinicians, researchers and trainers. Our core mission is to improve mental health by providing high-quality, evidence-based CPD training to mental health professionals, delivered by world-leading experts in their fields. We aim to reach as many people as possible who could benefit from our training.


We offer a range of online CPD workshops and webinars for mental healthcare providers, educators, charities and individual practitioners.


Our commitment to the NHS

Bespoke Mental Health has a deeply held commitment to the NHS. We were founded with the NHS firmly in mind, with an understanding of the importance of delivering effective psychological therapies at scale. We work with Trusts to tailor the programmes we offer to meet organisational needs. We run our provision for the NHS and other public and third sector organisations, and for individual practitioners in those sectors, on a not-for-profit basis, offering discounted subscription packages and reinvesting any operating surplus from this provision into the services we provide.


We are committed to ethical practice and providing training only in interventions that have scientific support is a central part of our ethos.


We can deliver training for all mental health services across the care pathway, in ways that aim to meet the training needs of individual practitioners and teams. In addition to our open programme of events, we offer bespoke high-quality training for individual organisations.


More widely we aim to support understanding of mental health issues and how best to address them, including through offering training to the corporate sector.


Please contact us at info@bespokementalhealth.co.uk to discuss your training needs.

Our Team

Bespoke Mental Health has a core team of Professor Roz Shafran, Ms Pamela Myles-Hooton and Ms Sarah Liddell.  Between us we have the expertise and contacts to provide the very best in evidence-based CPD.  We have extensive experience in training delivery and access to a substantial network of world leaders in the field of evidence-based psychological therapies.  Thus, we are ideally placed to provide the very best in evidence-based CPD for individual practitioners and mental health staff in organisations providing mental healthcare. 


Professor Roz Shafran

Roz is a Director of Bespoke Mental Health.  She is Chair in Translational Psychology at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. She is founder and former Director of the Charlie Waller Institute of Evidence Based Psychological Treatment at Reading University. Her clinical research interests focus on the development, evaluation, dissemination and implementation of cognitive behavioural treatments for eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and perfectionism across the age range. She has provided national and international training workshops in her areas of clinical expertise, has over 200 publications, and has received multiple awards.


Pamela Myles-Hooton

Pam is a Director of Bespoke Mental Health.  She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).  She is experienced in developing and delivering training programmes in evidence-based psychological interventions.  She is the author of several educational texts, academic publications, and self-help books, and has contributed to national guidance and curricula. Pam is an accredited cognitive behavioural therapist, trainer, supervisor and accreditation officer for the BABCP and sits on the British Psychological Society's course accreditation committee for psychological wellbeing practitioners.

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Sarah Liddell

Sarah is our Operations Director.  She has extensive senior level organisational planning and management experience across a range of functions including operations and finance, communications and governance.  She has a weath of experience in organising workshop programmes as well as other conferences and events in the public and charity sectors.  She has worked for many years in higher education and has also worked with the NHS.