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Thu, 26 May
Evidence-Based Supervision: Take-away points from research to guide best practice

Wed, 08 Jun
Brief Behavioural Activation

Tue, 14 Jun
CBT for Self-Esteem

Tue, 28 Jun
Working Therapeutically with People Who Self-Injure and Self-Harm

Wed, 06 Jul
Working in a Culturally Sensitive way in CBT

Wed, 07 Sept
Cognitive Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorders in Adults and Adolescents

Tue, 13 Sept
Cognitive Therapy for PTSD in children and young people

Thu, 15 Sept
Psychological Treatment of Insomnia

Tue, 20 Sept
Brief CBT for non-underweight eating disorders: An evidence-based approach

Wed, 19 Oct
Adjustment to diagnosis of a long-term physical condition

Thu, 03 Nov
CBT for Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Thu, 24 Nov
Trauma and PTSD: understanding and assessment at LICBT

Tue, 29 Nov
CBT for Health Anxiety and Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Thu, 08 Dec
Honing Psychoeducational Group Skills

Wed, 14 Dec
CBT for Mental Contamination

Thu, 12 Jan
CBT for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Tue, 24 Jan
Using Imagery in Cognitive Therapy

Wed, 08 Feb
Psychological Approaches to Covid and Long Covid

Wed, 22 Feb
Making the most of routine outcome measures

Tue, 07 Mar
Optimising outcomes in the cognitive behavioural treatment of OCD